Kein Media­plan ohne Radio!

Die Gat­tung Radio – oder wie es umfas­sen­der und moder­ner heißt: Audio – spürt seit eini­ger Zeit einen deut­li­chen Rücken­wind. Dies hat mit neuen Trends wie der immer weit­rei­chen­de­ren Ent­wick­lung von Sprach­ein­ga­be­sys­te­men und Smart Speakern zu tun. Zudem lie­fert Audio, im Gegen­satz zu ande­ren Gat­tun­gen, sta­bi­le Reich­wei­ten und das in nahe­zu allen Ziel­grup­pen. Aber auch die bekann­ten Qua­li­tä­ten von Audio­wer­bung, wie der ein­deu­ti­ge Wirk­nach­weis und der Höhe ROI, spre­chen für sich und sind in zuneh­mend unsi­che­ren Zei­ten ein sta­bi­ler Anker im Medi­en­kos­mos. 

Dies hat die euro­päi­sche Radio­or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on egta zum Anlass genom­men, die Qua­li­tä­ten und aktu­el­len Stu­di­en zur Gat­tung Audio zusam­men zufas­sen. In einem Gast­bei­trag beleuch­tet der Direc­tor Radio der egta Yuri Lobu­rets die Ergeb­nis­se.

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Why audio is a must have part of the media mix in 2019. What each mar­ke­ter needs to know.

The week of World Radio Day, cele­bra­ted this Wed­nes­day, Febru­a­ry 13, is the per­fect moment to show­ca­se the strength and uni­que posi­tio­ning of audio and radio in the com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on land­s­cape of 2019. Out of dozens of argu­ments in favour of audio mar­ke­ting and liter­al­ly hund­reds of pie­ces of rese­arch which prove the effec­tiveness of radio adver­ti­sing across more than 40 coun­tries where egta mem­bers ope­ra­te, I picked up just five key rea­sons why audio has to be an essen­ti­al part of mar­ke­ting in 2019.

Here are five main rea­sons for mar­ke­ters to invest a share of the adver­ti­sing bud­get in pro­ven reach broad­cast radio, online audio and pod­casts to see for them­sel­ves that audio is a great cam­pai­gn ROI mul­ti­plier:

1) Audio is BIG, it keeps gro­wing and it pro­vi­des mass reach across all demo­gra­phics. Wha­te­ver pro­duct or ser­vices you have to sell – your tar­get audi­ence is alrea­dy someone’s lis­teners.

  • Broad­cast radio reaches more than 70% of Europeans every day;
  • 61% of glo­bal music lis­teners use online music strea­ming ser­vices;
  • 13 of adults in Euro­pe lis­ten to pod­casts;
Grafik Audio is Big

Quel­le: world­RA­DIO­day

2) Audio is EVERYWHERE – from con­ven­tio­nal radio recei­vers to smart­pho­nes, audio is avail­ab­le through hund­reds of devices, inclu­ding smart speakers, TVs, game con­so­les, tablets, weara­bles and wire­less head­pho­nes. There are much more audio devices than video ones. And unli­ke with video or ban­ner adver­ti­sing, the same audio spot copy works well on any plat­form or any device.

Grafik Audio is Everywhere

Quel­le: world­RA­DIO­day

3) Audio is ON when screens are OFF – an exclu­si­ve way to reach peop­le during their screen-free time. With the pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on of smart speakers, wire­less head­pho­nes and smart­wat­ches these uni­que touch­points have expan­ded far bey­ond the tra­di­tio­nal in-car mono­po­ly of audio – from swim­ming pools and gyms to city walks, public trans­port and offices.

Grafik More life moments with Audio

Quel­le: world­RA­DIO­day

4) Audio is ON when screens are ON – you can­not read this post and simul­ta­ne­ous­ly watch a video com­mer­ci­al, but you defi­ni­te­ly can lis­ten to the radio or stream your favou­rite music. Audio has its own door into our mind and it gets our atten­ti­on even when in back­ground mode. It ampli­fies mood and boosts pro­duc­tivi­ty. And dou­bles the adver­ti­sing effect.

And sum­ma­ri­sing all the above here is our key argu­ment num­ber 5:

5) Audio is a FANTASTIC over­all cam­pai­gn ROI MULTIPLIER. Wha­te­ver media mix you use, whe­ther it’s call-to-action or a brand buil­ding cam­pai­gn – a well plan­ned and exe­cu­t­ed audio cam­pai­gn will boost gene­ral results.

Audio mar­ke­ting is deve­lo­ping fast and there are lots of inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons for radio, pod­casts and online audio adver­ti­sing. So, go and chal­len­ge your agen­cy and sales house on how audio can boost your mar­ke­ting in 2019.


Wei­te­re Infor­ma­tio­nen kön­nen Sie auch der egta-Home­page zum World Radio Day ent­neh­men.


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